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Weapons Caliber 7 mm / .277

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Venox Boresnake 7mm cal .270 .280 .284


Venox boresnake designed for 7 mm, .270, .280 or .284 caliber guns. You won’t find faster and easier way to clean the barrel of your weapon. This cleaning cord is an essential part of every cleaning kit.

> 20 pcs in stock, estimated delivery: July 1 - 3.

£ 6.5 £ 6.0

Real Avid Bore Boss cal.270/ .280 (7mm) Bore Cleaner

Bore Boss from US manufacturer Real Avid is an ideal tool for cleaning the bores of your handguns and rifles. It consists of a steel cable, bronze brush and braided nylon mop. All you need to do is to run it through the barrel from chamber to the muzzle.

3 pcs in stock, estimated delivery: July 1 - 3.

£ 9.6

Gun Cleaning Kit cal.7mm

High-quality brass gun cleaning kit for rifles in caliber 7 mm. This model will help you keep the bore of your rifle in a perfect condition. It contains everything you might need to clean your weapon in a small plastic case.

Long-term Unavailable

£ 6.7


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