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If there is something wrong with the goods, send them to us. You can also make a claim in person – directly at our shop in Hlucin. We will put everything in order.

U Cihelny 230/3
748 01 Hlučín
Czech Republic


When can a claim be rejected as unjustified?

The seller must always prove that the claim is unjustified with a written statement from the authorised service centre of the brand in question.


What should I do if I find a defect when I take delivery of the goods?

As the buyer, you are obliged to inspect the goods upon collection. If you find mechanical damage to the packaging, you must check the condition of the product. If you find damage, you must make a damage report in the presence of the carrier. The carrier is then responsible for any damage during transit.

You will receive a reasonable discount or a new product based on the record after the damage claim is closed with the carrier. If you sign the bill of lading, you agree to accept the goods - you acknowledge that they arrived undamaged through no fault of the carrier. Later claims caused by shipping will therefore be rejected.


How long is the warranty period?

For end customers, the law sets it at 24 months for most goods. For used products (second-hand, refurbished), the period is usually reduced to 12 months. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the item or parts caused by use.

Therefore, a shorter service life cannot be considered a defect and claimed. For those who use the product for business or trade, the warranty period is not set by the Civil Code, but by the specific importer in the Czech Republic. The warranty is given for end customers, not companies.


What am I entitled to if I find that the goods delivered do not correspond to the purchase contract?

  • A free repair, which will make the condition of the goods correspond to the contract.
  • A reasonable reduction in the purchase price.
  • Replacement delivery of the goods.
  • Withdrawal from the contract of sale.


We've written everything down in the terms and conditions in case anyone wants to read them.

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