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Simple And Effective


Blowpipes have a long tradition and some native tribes are still using them to this very day. They are simple to use and completely silent and that is why they are popular even today. They all work the same and it doesn’t matter if you want to use them for competitions or just in your backyard.
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Barnett Spitfire Blowpipe 2pcs

Set of two children's blowguns equipped with a fly with eight arrows ending in a rubber suction cup. The package includes a paper target.

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£ 18.4



Darts Are Propelled By Your Breath

Blowpipes were utilized by native people in Asia, Africa and India. They used them to hunt small game and birds. They could even take down a larger prey once they learned how to apply poison to the darts.

Affordable and Fun

A blowpipe can be used by men, women and even children. It is fun for the entire family. Always remember to be careful because they can be turned into a lethal weapon. Never point it at anybody and always keep your children under supervision.

Blowpipe Darts

Metal darts are the most commonly used type of ammunition. They come in long and short variants. Their tips are really sharp and they can pierce wood, rubber and plastic materials. Their range is only limited by your breath. Fun fact: some African tribes are still using poisoned darts.

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