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Air Rifles With an Energy of 100 J

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RTI Prophet P-3 6,35mm Performance Black

The latest iteration of the Prophet PCP air rifle from Slovenian manufacturer RTI Arms is finally here and brings a number of significant upgrades to an already successful platform. The Performance version also comes with an externally adjustable pressure regulator and a 500 cc carbon bottle.

5 pcs in stock, estimated delivery: July 19 - 22.

£ 1 244.8

Kalibrgun Cricket II S Tactical 70 WST 6,35mm

The second generation of the popular bullpup from the Czech meadows and groves has received a standard configuration variant complete with a WST stock. The originally Russian Kalibrgun manufacturer closely follows modern trends and customer wishes and has created something truly extraordinary.

Temporarily Unavailable

£ 1 185.7


RTI Prophet II 6,35mm Black


RTI Prophet II is a second generation of the popular compact PCP air rifle from Slovenian manufacturer RTI Arms. It brings a number of improvements and upgrades to an already solid platform.

Temporarily Unavailable

£ 959.3


RTI Prophet II 6,35mm Performance Black


RTI Prophet II is a second generation of the popular compact PCP air rifle. This gun comes in the Performance configuration which includes a selection of improvements for shooters who want to get the best possible results out of their rifle.

Temporarily Unavailable

£ 1 270.3


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